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Things to Do and See in Cala Gonone


The Gulf of Orosei is a captivating place that stretches for about 45 km between Punta Nera and Capo Monte Santo. Cala Gonone is located in the heart of this magnificent corner of the Mediterranean paradise. From DuePi, you can easily reach the central beach, the port, and the long coastline of Palmasera, which offers water services and canoe and pedal boat rentals. If you prefer to drive or use shuttle services, we recommend visiting the beautiful beaches of Cala Fuili, Cala Cartoe, and Osalla. For exploring the beaches south of Cala Fuili, such as Cala Luna, Mariolu, or Goloritzè, options are limited to trekking or boat and rubber dinghy excursions. The latter is one of the most comprehensive sea outings as it allows you to independently explore the entire coast or be accompanied by a skipper, visiting not only the beaches but also the numerous caves and crystal-clear water spots that make the Gulf one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.


Hiking and climbing are among the most popular sports activities in Cala Gonone and its surroundings, thanks to the beauty of the mountain landscapes of Supramonte.
These mountains, characterized by limestone ridges and plateaus, overlook the clear waters of the Gulf of Orosei. Once frequented only by shepherds and charcoal burners, they now serve as open-air gyms for nature lovers and those seeking breathtaking landscapes. The most popular excursions include the Gola di Gorropu and the sinkhole of Monte Tiscali.
We will be happy to suggest alternative and less touristy routes upon your arrival, allowing you to fully enjoy what the region has to offer, such as visiting some of the cuiles (traditional stone huts) in the area, usually located in panoramic positions.


For those looking for more than just beaches and nature, Dorgali and Cala Gonone offer interesting gastronomic and cultural experiences. The pastoral and artisanal tradition that has characterized the history of Dorgali has led to the development of excellence in winemaking and dairy products. Cantina Dorgali and the cooperative Dorgali Pastori are the epitome of this reality. Workshops dedicated to gold filigree, leathercraft, and ceramics showcase one of the most important craft sectors in Sardinia. Exploring the streets of Dorgali can lead you to discover authentic handmade objects, perfect for a gift or as a souvenir of your vacation.

The history of the region is retraced through the displays of the Archaeological Museum, where you can admire numerous artifacts and delve into visits to the various archaeological sites in the area, including Domus de Janas (prehistoric chamber tombs), Nuraghi (ancient stone structures), and Tombs of the Giants. Archaeological sites are scattered throughout the Dorgali area, bearing witness to the history of the Barbaricini civilization. The Gulf of Orosei's fauna and flora can be further explored at the Cala Gonone Aquarium, the largest in Sardinia, with over 25 tanks, including tactile ones.

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We are situated just a short stroll from the central beaches of Cala Gonone. Within a few minutes' walk, you can reach the waterfront, markets, and the tourist port embarkation points. Additionally, the spacious pine forest behind our property offers moments of sports and relaxation.

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